WOW eyes
professional procedures in a single mask.
  • Visibly Reduces:
  • Swelling
  • Baggy Skin
  • Dark Circles
Innovative TCD-technology
(Transdermal cosmetic delivery) – the ingredients are activated by body temperature.
Rapid penetration of the ingredients into deep layers of the skin

Focus-components to restore the eye contour:
YY molecule
Hydrolyzed proteins, rice bran, soy protein and oxidoreductase.
Targets edema, puffiness, skin bags below the eyes
Hyalual® Bio-Code: unique combination
of Biopeptides and hyaluronic acid
(Peptiamide + Biodynes TRF Biostimulator + hyaluronic acid). The combination is unique owing to breathing particles of Biodynes TRF active yeast extract having the structure similar to the gene of DNA of the human skin cells. Hyalual® Bio-Code powerfully promotes the vitality of cells, they become active instantly.
Visibly reduces dark circles under the eyes, makes skin look bright and even-toned

SERVICE FROM THE EXPERT : WOW eyes express care

It is reco mmended to be included in the price-list as “WOW eyes Procedure ”

WOW eyes for home use –

is the professional treatment for the most fragile and sensitive eye contour area

    Tired eyes syndrome
  • swelling
  • baggy skin
  • dark circles under the eyes
    Tired eyes syndrome
  • appearance of wrinkles
  • reduced tone
  • decreased firmness and elasticity
  • dry skin
  • lack of radiance
  • tiredness
  • skin tension
Clean and dry the face
Take WOWeyes mask out of the transparent packing
Apply itgently to the closed eyes
Leave itfor 5-20 minutes
Remove the mask from the eyes and put it back into the container
Use it daily to achieve the maximum effect
  • Beautiful and open look
  • Healthy glow of the eye
  • Energy and lightness

After just a single use, WOWeyes procedure becomes a part of your life style as it is the look that reflects your aesthetic health.