Institute Hyalual is an innovative company specializing in scientific developments, manufacture and service provision in the field of anti-age therapy, aesthetic medicine, rejuvenation, correction and restoration of the skin.

Institute Hyalual manufactures anti-age products on the basis of its own research studies. Nowadays the brand portfolio comprises 2 types of products – Hyalual injectable aesthetics and anti-age spray Hyalual Daily Deluxe.

Institute Hyalual is highly focused on continuous expansion of the product line.

Institute Hyalual also manages a network of clinics of aesthetic medicine under its own brand. This makes it possible to implement developed products and methods in aesthetic and anti-age practice as soon as possible in order to get quick feedback from customers and to improve the quality of its products and services constantly.

Institute Hyalual Switzerland is an advanced technology Institute of injection cosmetology operating in the field of anti-age therapy. In fact, this is a global scientific and research center targeted at skin rejuvenation, correction and renovation.

The Headquarters of Institute Hyalual was established in 2012 in Switzerland. This decision was taken due to the expansion of the Institute along with the acquisition of the status of transnational institution awarded due to the implementation of new scientific and research developments for global markets.

Accessing global markets entailed the necessity to expand research activity in several product lines simultaneously. The Institute focused on additional activity areas, increased the number of countries of reach, skyrocketed in the scale of production.

Rampant growth of the Institute originated the necessity to create new clinical sites with practical application of European innovations.

The growth of production scale urged the Institute to the search of descent production facilities able to operate in all areas and ensure high quality of products, up-to-date manufacture, supply and control of closed-loop cycle in all operating countries. Due to the hard work and solid team of professionals these obstacles have been successfully overcome. Institute Hyalual studies have been accepted by the world community of aesthetic medicine and put into global production, keeping in mind that production sites of our Institute are located all over the world. However, Switzerland being the capital of scientific progress and leading innovations, is the country where a large number of revolutionary developments occur.

Institute Hyalual is specialized in «R & D» (Research and Development), which allowed the creation of the closed-loop cycle “development-research-manufacture- daily praxis”.

Thus, a consistent closed-loop cycle process from the idea creation, manufacture, clinical testing to approbation of innovative development at the own clinical sites of daily praxis with hundreds of patients is created. This allows referring to the high standards of product and service quality and is the basis for the efficient implementation of innovations into daily praxis of cosmetologists.

Institute Hyalual takes recruitment very seriously. It employs only really experienced and certified professionals.

Science and technology bases are also thoroughly chosen by the Institution. The Institute collaborates with the best production sites all over the world. Therefore, using our products you can be confident both in their quality and in professionalism of our staff.

All our products comply with GMP and ISO standards which is additional proof of all the mentioned above facts.

The procedure of redermalization can be mentioned as the main honor of Institute Hyalual. This is the powerful non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation by skin renovation. It is achieved due to complex interrelated biochemical, metabolic and histological process of dermis renovation.

The revolutionary character of this procedure is that rejuvenation occurs not only on tissular but also on cellular and intracellular levels. Due to succinate - an important component of redermalization, a complete skin restoration is ensured which means youth of your skin is achieved without surgery or pain.