Innovative formula and useful way of application

Hyalual® Daily Delux

Anti Age Spray

daily delux

Hyalual® Daily Delux provides freshness and tonus, removes all signs of fatigue and ensures care for Your skin.

provides deep cleansing of the skin;
enriches cells with oxygen and removes toxins;
preserves natural moisture of the skin;
rotects skin from aggressive external environment;

The skin is a very complex human organ, which plays important role in the organism functioning. It takes part in metabolism, regulates body temperature, performs secretory function and protects other organs. The skin is a barrier from adverse impacts: bacteria, harmful chemical substances etc. Every person has the same structure and functions of the skin, but the individual skin appearance depends on many factors.


The skin consists of three layers:

  • the epidermis
  • derma (dermis)
  • hypoderma (subcutaneous fat)

It is a surface layer of the skin.

First of all, when we look at the skin, we see the surface layer and the skin appearance depends on epidermis condition a lot.


It performs the frame function. That's why it has an important value for the skin appearance. First of all, derma includes fibers, which are responsible for skin elasticity and springiness - collagen and elastin. If stretch the young skin (it requires enough effort), and then release, it will turn back to the condition before stretching. Stretching the skin becomes easier while deterioration of the fiber and return to the initial state of the skin takes more time. Derma also includes the substances which retain water as a sponge. Condition of the derma, its elasticity and resistance to mechanic load are determined by conditions of the collagen, elastin and by the quality of the water gel (hyaluronic acid).

Epidermis ( subcutaneous fat )

It consists of the loose connective tissue, where fat deposits. Nerve endings, blood and lymph vessels are settled in the hypoderm.

Hyaluronic acid is mostly represented as Sodium Hyaluronate in human organism. 50 % of hyaluronic acid is contained in the skin. Most of it is located in the middle skin layer of derma. There it is produced by special cells fibroblasts. Derma can be compared with skin “mattress”, where collagen and elastin fibers perform role of the springs, and space between them is filled by hyaluronic acid, which holds water in the derma.

Epidermis Derma cells - fibroblasts. They produce collagen and other structure molecules.
Sprung "mattress" of the skin - collagen, Fat cells elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The cells in the epidermis layer are settled in tight range, the intercellular space is not so spread in comparison with the derma. Accordingly, the amount of hyaluronic acid synthetized by keratocytes is much less than in the derma. But even here it is involved in all intercellular processes. Thus, hyaluronic acid is the most important element of the intercellular substance in both layers of the skin and is responsible for its moisturizing, elasticity and metabolism.

Approximately, starting from the age of 30 hyaluronic acid synthesis starts to decrease. The skin elasticity starts to reduce dehydration starts, wrinkles appear, complexion deterioration etc.

This is facilitated by many factors:

  • sun tan fashion
  • smoking
  • stress
  • food preservatives
  • applying for aggressive cosmetology methods since young age
  • different diseases and other factors

The skin of face, neck, chest, arms is continuously affected by various environmental agents and stress factors. And, as confirmed by science, the skin needs comprehensive care..

Innovative formula


Hyalual® Daily Delux provides freshness and tonus, removes all traces of fatigue and ensures care for Your skin. Hyalual® Daily Delux is composed of hyaluronic acid and succinic acid.

Hyaluronic acid

It forms continuous thin membrane, which retains the natural moisture of the skin without disrupting gas exchange with the environment. It is perfectly compatible with the skin, does not cause allergic reactions and irritation. Hyaluronic acid helps to increase the content of free water in the corneal layer (stratum corneum) and helps to reduce evaporation of water from the skin surface. A film formed by hyaluronic acid on the surface of the skin, contributes to a more prolonged action of biologically active substances included in the product. This significantly increases their effectiveness.

Succinic acid

Succinic acid provides deep cleansing of the skin, enriches it with minerals and oxygen, detoxifies the skin and promotes its rapid renovation – strengthens tissue and tightens the skin, renews cells, improves capillaries microcirculation. Succinic acid in Hyalual® Daily Delux returns the healthy luster to the faint, so-called “tired” skin. Such type of the skin is typical for those who have chronic lack of oxygen: the inhabitants of the cities, smokers, people who work with monitors during long time and work in premises with air conditioning. Prevents premature aging of the face and neck skin.

Apply Hyalual® Daily Delux after cosmetic procedures and for giving the skin freshness and tonus during the day.

Use Hyalual® Daily Delux during the day – it will provide freshness and tonus to the skin and will remove all traces of fatigue. After cream application daily in the morning and in the evening – it will enforce the effect of cream bioactive substances. After conservative cosmetic procedures (cosmetic mask, massage, peeling etc.) during 30 days – it will consolidate the procedure effect for longer period. After invasive cosmetic procedures (redermalization, mesotherapy, botulinotherapy, chemical peeling, and contour plastic) during 3 months – it will accelerate the recovery process and will increase procedure effectiveness. Apply Hyalual® Daily Delux for prevention of aging, for skin moisturizing, providing freshness for the skin during the day and after any cosmetology procedures. The product is applied on the face skin by spraying. Avoid direct contact with eyes during spraying.

With Hyalual® Daily Delux You are always young and magnificent!